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B.Sc. (Nursing) Degree Examination
Fourth semester
(Revised/Modified Regulations)
Paper I - Principles and Practice of Adult Nursing/Medical Surgical Nursing

        Section A

1. Mr.Raju , 50 years old man is admitted in  I.C.U. with diabetes mellitus. He is a known case of diabetes on irregular treatment. On admission his blood sugar level is 300 mg %.
(a) Discuss the pathophysiology of DM                                                                           (5)
(b) List down the complications of DM.                                                                        (10)
(C) Discuss in detail the nursing care of Mr.raju. applying nursing principles

2. Write short nores on any three:                                                                       (3 x 5 = 15)

a)        Abdominal paracentesis             .
b)        Measles          
c)        Pyoderma                                             
d)        Haemorrhoids     

Section B

Master Prabhu 10 years old has been admitted with acute myelogenous Leukaemia  (15)       
Answer the following: -
a)        Define Leukaemia and write the clinical manifestations of leukaemia    
b)        Write the management and nursing care plan for master Prabhu.

Answer any two of the folowing                                        (2 x 5 = 10)
a)        Care of the patient with POP cast of the lower extremity.
b)        Complications of Burns
c)        Pleural effusion    

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