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B.Sc. (Nursing) Degree Examination
Fourth semester
(Revised/Modified Regulations)
Paper I - Principles and Practice of Adult Nursing/Medical Surgical Nursing

        Section A
1. A middle aged woman is admitted with the diagnosis of hyperthyroidism and she is posted for sub total thyroidectomy.
a)        List the clinical featurs of hyperthyroidism                                 (4)
b)        Write about the diagnostic tests                                        (3)
c)        Describe the post operative nursing management including the complications of thyroidectomy                                                        (8)

2. Write short notes on any three:                                        (3 x 5 = 15)

a)        Principles of fracture management
b)        Scabies
c)        Tetralogy of Fallot
d)        Infective hepatitis

Section B
a)        Write the nursing assessment of a patient with congestive cardiac failure.               (5)
b)        State the nursing diagnosis, objectives and describe the nursing intervention for the same patient         (10)

4.    Write short notes on any two:                                (2 x 5 = 10)

a)        Self breast examination
b)        Health education for the patient with diabetes mellitus.
c)        Lumbar puncture.

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