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[KK 812]                                                                                                Sub. Code : 4747
Fifth Semester
(Revised/Modified Regulations)

Time : Three hours                                                                       Maximum : 75 marks
Sec. A and Sec B : Two hours and forty five minutes     Sec. A  &  Sec  B  : 60 marks        Section C   : Fifteen minutes                                                Sec. C: 15 marks

Answer Sections and A and B in the SAME answer book.
Answer Section in the answer sheet provided.

1.Mr.Ramu, a 60 year old man is admitted in the urological unit with the diagnosis of benign prostatic hypertrophy. Answer the following questions :

a)        Define benign prostatic hypertrophy.                                                         (2)
b)        Discuss the clinical manifestations                                                              (2)
c)        Explain the surgical approaches for benign prostatic hypertrophy.        (4)
d)        Draw a nursing care for Mr.Ramu including health education.              (7)

2. Ms. Nalini is admitted in the emergency unit. According to her parents, she consumed phenobartione tablets as she failed in her examinations. Answer the following :
List the goals of emergency treatment.                                                                (2)
Discuss the general management for ingested poisons.                                     (10)
What counselling will you give Miss.Nalini and her parents                             (3)

Write short notes on the following :                                                (6 x 5 = 30) 
a)        Acute glomerulonephritis
b)        Diuretic therapy in acute cardiac failure
c)       Care of patients with paraplegia
d)        Infertility
e)        Hearing loss
f)        Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation.

[KK 812]                                                                                                Sub. Code : 4747

Time : Fifteen minutes                                                                        Maximum : 15 marks

1.The following is the most leading cause of blindness

a)        Keratitis
b)        Conjuctivitis
c)        Glaucoma
d)        Uveitis

2. The following is the common side effect of phenytoin
a)        Diplopia
b)        Gastric distress
c)        Loss of hearing
d)        Gingival hyperplasis

3.Otosclerosis may cause hearing loss of

a)        Sensorineural type
b)        Conductive type
c)        Mixed type
d)        Psychogenic loss

4. An incision made into the tympanic membrane is termed as
a)        Tympanoplasty
b)        Myringotomy
c)        Labyrinthectomy
d)        Stapedectomy

5. The nursing intervention for an unconscious patient includes all except
a)        Maintaining patent airway
b)        Administering plenty of oral fluids
c)        Maintaining corneal integrity
d)        Maintaining skin integrity

6. To avoid recurrence of renal stone, the nurse shoud advise her patients to
a)        Restrict fluids to 500 ml/day
b)        Exercise rigorously
c)        Drink 3000 - 4000 ml of fluid / day
d)        Take complete bed rest

7. The following are immediate management for joint dislocation EXCEPT

a)        Immobilization
b)        Active exercises
c)        Reduction
d)        Management of immobilization devices

8. Tonometry is performed to measure
a)        Intra-arterial pressure
b)        Intra cerebral pressure
c)        Intra articular pressure
d)        Intraocular pressure

9. The immediate nursing management for chemical burns of the eye includes
a)        Flushing the eye with plenty of water
b)        Bandaging the eye
c)        Instruct the patient to close the eye
d)        Instil antibiotic solutions

10. The following are the purpose of peritoneal dialysis EXCEPT
a)        To remove toxic substances from the blood
b)        To restore electrolytic balance
c)        To decrease cholesterol in the blood
d)        To establish normal fluid balance

11. Bleeding into the substance of the brain is classified as
a)        Subdural haematoma
b)        Intracerebral haematoma
c)        Extradural haematoma
d)        Subarachnoid haemorrhage

12. The action of pilocarpine is
a)        Miotic
b)        Mydriatic
c)        Antibiotic
d)        Antihistamine

13. The following is one of the causes of orchitis
a)        Chickenpox
b)        Diphtheria
c)        Tetanus
d)        Mumps

14. Hydrocele is
a)        Collection of fluid in the skull
b)        Collection of fluid in the uterus
c)        Collection of fluid in the glans penis
d)        Collection of fluid in the testis

15. The following is the test to detect cancer of the cervix
a)        Culdoscopy
b)        Papanicolaou test
c)        Hystero-salphingography
d)        Rubin's test

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