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B.Sc. (Nursing) Degree Examination
Fourth semester
(Revised/Modified Regulations)
Paper I - Principles and Practice of Adult Nursing/Medical Surgical Nursing

        Section A

1. Mr.A is admitted under your care in endocrinology
(a) State the pathology of diabetes mellitus                                           (2)
(b) Draw a diet chart for a diabetes mellitus patient                            (3)
(c) Mention the health education for Mr.A.                                           (4)
(d) Name the investigations for a thyroid patient                                 (2)
(e) Enumerate the medical and nursing management                         (4)       

2. Mr. B is admitted under your care fo fracture                           
a)        Define fracture                                                                             (2)             .
b)        Name eight types of fracture                                                     (2)
c)        State four complications of fracture                                           (2)
d)        Mention the pathology of fracture                                            (2)     
e)        Draw a nursing care plan using nursing process method for Mr.B.        (7)

                                                                   Section B                                                                                                                                     (6 x 5 = 30)
3. Write short notes on any six of the following : -
a.        Complications of anaesthesia
b.        Leukemias
c.       Abdominal paracentesis
d.        Hernia
e.        Congenital disorders of the heart
f.        Lung abscess
g.        Liver biopsy

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