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B.Sc. (Nursing) Degree Examination
Fourth semester
(Revised/Modified Regulations)
Paper I - Principles and Practice of Adult Nursing/Medical Surgical Nursing

        Section A

1. Mrs.S, a housewife, 50 years old is admitted in I.C.U. with Diabetes Mellitus. She is a known case of Diabetes on irregular treatment. On admission her blood sugar level is 295.
(a) Discuss the pathophysiology of diabetes Mellitus.      (3).
(b) List down the complications of Diabetes Mellitus.      (2)
(c) Discuss in detail the nursing care of Mrs.S. applying nursing process.

2. Write short notes on any three:         (3 x 5 = 15)

a)    Health Education for a patient with pulmonary tuberculosis at the time of discharge.
b)    Diphtheria.
c)    Cretinism            
d)    Abdominal Paracentesis.

        Section B
3. Mr.B. is received from O.R. after G.J.Vagotomy.
a)    Discuss the complications following G.J. Vagotomy.            (5)
b)    Discuss the post operative nursing management of Mr.B. applying the nursing
process.                                (10)

4. Write short notes on any two:                (2 x 5 = 10)

a)   Allen Burger's exercises.
b)    Surgical procedures employed for oesophageal varices.
c)    Care of patients with plaster cast.

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