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CGFNS Sample Questions - MCQs - 1

     Select the most appropriate response.

1. The nurse should expect a patient who has chronic renal failure to be given epoetin alfa (Epogen) to

  1. Elevate the WBC count
  2. Enhance the maturation of thrombocytes
  3. Increase the production of platelets
  4. Stimulate the synthesis of red blood cells

2.   When planning care for a 15-year old female who is pregnant, a nurse should recognize that the adolescent is at risk of
  1. Glucose intolerance
  2. Fatal chromosomal abnormalities
  3. Incompetent cervix
  4. Iron deficiency anemia

3.   A nirse is planning a community education presentation about testicular cancer. The target group shouk be men aged
  1. 20 to 34 years
  2. 40 to 49 years
  3. 50 to 64 years
  4. 65 years and older

4.    When teaching the care givers of patient who has dementia of the Alzheimer type, a nurse sould stress the importance of
  1. Increased stimuli
  2. A predictable environment
  3. Restricted activities
  4. Independent decision making

5.   To help a mother anticipate the safety needs of her nine year old son who s learning to ride a biycle, the nurse would teach that
  1. A helmet will reduce the risk of head injury
  2. The child must never ride without a friend nearby
  3. A formal course of instruction is recommended
  4. The child must ride on the side walk

6.    A patient with cholelithiasis and obstruction of the common bile duct would most likely exhibit which of the following manifestations :
  1. Straw-colored urine
  2. Yellow sclera
  3. Dark brown stools
  4. Bright red tongue

7.   Whic nursing diagnosis would receive priority for a pre-eclamptic woman who is six hours post delivery?
  1. High risk for injury
  2. Sleep pattern disturbance
  3. Altered parenting
  4. Constipation

8.  A patient says to the nurse if you give a cigarette, I will go to group therapy, which of the following responses by the nurse would be therapeutic?
  1. Here are your cigarettes
  2. All patients on this unit are expected to go to the group therapy
  3. You can have one cigarette, then you must go to group therapy
  4. Other patients do not ask me for specials treatment, why are you the only one?

9.    Which of the following blood values on the laboratory report should a nurse expect when assessing a patient who has emphysema?
  1. PCo2, 52 mm Hg
  2. PH 7.48
  3. Po2, 94 mm Hg
  4. Hco3, 21 meq/2

10. A six-month old infant is suspected of having intussusception. A nurse should expect the child to undergo which of the following procedures?
  1. Colonoscopy
  2. Rectal biopsy
  3. Barium enema
  4. Cholangiography

11. Which of the following conditions would a nurse recognize as contributing to the development of respiratory acidosis?
  1. Emphysema
  2. Hyperventilation
  3. Diarrhea
  4. Achalasia

12. Which of the following outcomes observed by the nurse during the drain cycle of peritoneal dialysis should be reported immediately to the physician?
  1. Clear yellow output
  2. Cloudy output
  3. Patient complaint of slight cramping
  4. A drain output of 50cc less than instilled

13.   Which of the following foods should be removed from the dietary tray of a patient who has hepatic encephalopathy?
  1. Pasta
  2. Spinach
  3. Fresh fruit
  4. Eggs

14.  Which of the following nursing measures would be most appropriate in the care of the patient who has acute epitaxis :
  1. Tilt the patient's head back
  2. Place the patient's head between his legs
  3. Pinch the nose and have the patient lean forward
  4. Place warm compresses on the patient's nasal
  5. bridge

15.   Which of the following findings would a nurse identify as indicative of septic shock in a patient?
  1. Bradycardia
  2. Flushed appearance
  3. Cool, clammy skin
  4. S3 gallop

16.    The nurse should instruct a patient who is to receive digoxin (Lanoxin) to report development of which of the following side effects ?
  1. Ringing in the ears
  2. Loss of appetite
  3. Signs of bruising
  4. Sensitivity to sunlight

17. A seven-year old girl is to begin her first immunization schedule. According to recommended guidelines which of the following is not needed?
  1. Polio
  2. Measles
  3. Pertussis
  4. Mumps

18.    Which of the following instructions should a nurse give to a patient who has a historyof venous leg ulcers in order to prevent recurrence?
  1. Sit with your legs dependent whenever possible
  2. Use warm compresses on your legs in the evening
  3. Examine your legs for areas of redness everyday
  4. Keep your legs flexed when standing for long period

19.    Nursing care for a patient who has polycythemia vera would focus on preventing :
  1. Dysrhythmias
  2. Hypotension
  3. Thrombosis
  4. Decubitus ulcers

20. Which of the following actions would a nurse take first when caring for a patient experiencing a cardiac arrest?
  1. Initiate cardiac monitoring
  2. Provide intravenous access
  3. Establish an open airway
  4. Obtain a pulse oximetry reading

21.    Which of the following manifestations would a nurse expect to identify when assessing a patient who has atrial fibrillation ?
  1. Pounding headache
  2. Visual disturbances
  3. Irregular radial pulse
  4. Elevated blood pressure

22.    When caring for a patient who is on a mechanical ventilator, the nurse should monitor the patient for which of the following complication ?
  1. lail chest
  2. Pleural effusion
  3. Pneumothorax
  4. Pulmonary embolus

23.   While a patient who has Hodgkin's disease is receiving chemotherapy, it is important to assess the patient for symptoms of :
  1. Thrombus formation
  2. Ascites
  3. Infection
  4. Splenomegaly

24.    A woman who is in pre-term labor is receiving magnesium sulphate for which of the following purposes ?
  1. To enhance fetal lung maturity
  2. To prevent seizures
  3. To improve urine output
  4. To control uterine contraction patterns

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