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Unit test
Vipin Vageriya
Asst. Professor
Manikaka Topawala Institute of Nursing

Anatomy & Physiology

Time-30 Min                                                                                                                                         Max Marks-15

1. Anatomy focuses on the structures, whereas physiology focuses on-
a. Location
b. Relationship
c. Function
d. Absorption

2. Anatomy is a term, which means the study of _____
a. Structure
b. Physiology
c. Cell function
d. Movement

3 Blood is classified as an _______ tissue.
a.    Nervous
b.    Epithelial
c.    Muscle
d.    Connective

4. The study of tissue is called-
a. Cytology
b. Histology
c. Cardiology
d. Astrology

5. The basic living unit of all plant and animal is the-

6.In which tissue cells are migrating from simple to stratified?
a.    Connective tissue
b.    Simple cubodal tissue
c.    Transitional epithelium
d.    Stratified keratinized epithelial tissue

7. The tissue which present at skin, nails, hair and palm-
a.    Connective tissue
b.    Simple cubodal tissue
c.    Transitional epithelium
d.    Stratified squamous keratinized epithelial tissue

8. The cell was first discovered by-
a)    Robert Hooke
b)    Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek
c)    John Snow
d)    Rudolf Virchow

9. All are the functions of tissue except-
a.    Secretion
b.    Absorption
c.    Elevation
d.    Protection

10. Which is not organelle of cell?
a)    Nucleus
b)    Mitochondria
c)    Golgi apparatrus
d)    Metasomes

11. Which organelle is known as suicidal bag-?
a.    Lysosomes
b.    Centrosome
c.    Endoplasmic reticulum
d.    Nucleus

12. Bone is an example of-
a)    Muscular tissue
b)    Epithelial tissue
c)    Nervous tissue
d)    Connective tissue

13. Lining of fallopian tube, bronchi, bronchioles consist of-
a)    Columnar epithelium
b)    Cuboidal epithelium
c)    Ciliated epithelium
d)    Squamous epithelium

14.  Tissue that stores energy, act as insulation, and protects some organs is _________ tissue.
a)    Muscle
b)    Nervous
c)    Adipose
d)    Bone

15. In which cell division, one parent cell converted into 2 daughter cell-
a)    Mitosis
b)    Meiosis
c)    G-Phase
d)    None