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Q.P.Code: 107011                                                                                                                                            Reg. No.:
First Year Post Basic B.Sc Nursing Supplementary Examinations

April 2016
Child Health Nursing

Time : 3 hrs                                                                                                                                                Max marks : 75
Answer all questions

Essays:         (2x10=20)
1. Master Chethan, 8 months old got admitted with the diagnosis of hydrocephalus.
Answer the following:
  1. Define hydrocephalus
  2. Explain the types and clinical features of hydrocephalus
  3. Describe the treatment and nursing management of a child with hydrocephalus     (1+3+6=10)

2. Master Praveen got admitted to the medical ward with the diagnosis of bronchopneumonia.
  1. Answer the following:
  2. Define bronchopneumonia
  3. List down the causative agents for bronchopneumonia
  4. Describe the pathophysiology of bronchopneumonia
  5. Explain the medical and nursing management of a child with bronchopneumonia (1+1+3+5=10)

Short notes     (5x7=35)
3. Prevention of infection in NICU
4. Psychosocial and cognitive development of toddler
5. Thalassemia
6. Value of play in children
7. Universal immunization programme

Differentiate between     (4x2= 8)
8. Spina bifida cystica - Spina bifida occulta
9. Premature neonate - Small for gestation age neonate
10. Nephrotic syndrome - Glomerulonephritis
11. Haemophilia A - Haemophilia B

Give Reason     (4x2=8)
12. New born is prone for heat loss
13. In dehydration state, infants will have little fluid volume reserve compared to older
14. In hypertrophic pyloric stenosis child exhibits projectile vomiting
15. Iron supplements are administered in two divided doses between meals

Define the following     (4x1=4)
16. Leukaemia
17. Scurvy
18. Congenital hip dysplasia
19. Hypospadias

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