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Q.P.Code: 107011                                                                                                                  Reg. No.…
First Year Post Basic B.Sc Nursing Examinations

November 2015
Child Health Nursing
Time : 3 hrs                                                                                                                                                          Max marks : 75
Answer all questions

Essays         (2x10=20)
1. Master Arjun, one and a half year old child is admitted for the corrective surgery of hirschsprung’s disease. Explain pathophysiology of hirschsprung’s disease. Explain briefly surgical procedures for hirschsprung’s disease. Describe nursing management of Master Arjun for the first 24 hours post operatively, based on nursing process
approach.         (3+3+4=10)

2. Master Vishnu, eight years old child is admitted with the diagnosis of acute glomerulonephritis: Define acute glomerulonephritis. List down clinical manifestations of acute glomerulonephritis. Discuss medical management of glomerulonephritis and nursing management of child with acute glomerulonephritis         (1+3+3+3=10)

Short notes         (5x7=35)
3. Croup
4. Care of normal new born
5. Vitamin-A deficiency
6. Tetrology of fallot
7. Thalassemia

Differentiate between         (4x2= 8)
8. Hypospadias - Epispadias
9. Emphysema - Empyema
10.Intussusception - Volvulus
11. Hydrocephalus - Hydronephrosis

Give Reason         (4x2=8)
12. New borns are more prone to develop hypothermia
13. Middle ear infections are common in children
14. Projectile vomiting in pyloric stenosis
15. Prednisolone should be tapered before stopping the drug
Define the following (4x1=4)
16. Marasmus
17. Pre-term baby
18. Anorexia nervosa
19.Diabetes insipidus

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