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Kerala University of Health Sciences
Previous Examination Question Papers
B.Sc. Nursing       
Wherever the answers are ready and already published the questions would have been hyperlinked. As and when the answers get ready they will be connected to the questions, so that while travelling the students will have the ease of studying without searching for answers in other sites. They can carry this as a handbook. If the answers are deficient in any thing please inform through the feed back form on the  home page, or through the contact us button in everypage.
Since this is not a textbook for complete details you may have to refer to the corresponding text books. After all  this is  only an examination notes !

Physiology Sept 2012
Physiology Oct 2014  
Physiology supplementary July 2014
Physiology supplementary July 2015
Physiology May 2013
Physiology Oct 2013
Biochemistry and Biophysics May 2014  
Biochemistry and Biophysics Nov 2015
Biochemistry and Biophysics April 2015
Biochemistry and Biophysics April 2006  

Nutrition and Biochemistry
Nutrition and Biochemistry Sep 2012  
Nutrition and Biochemistry May 2013  
Nutrition and Biochemistry Oct 2014
Nutrition and Biochemistry supplementary July 2014
Nutrition and  Biochemistry Oct 2013
Nutrition and Dietetics Nov 2015
Nutrition and Dietetics April 2015
Nutrition  and Dietetics May 2014  


Anatomy April 2012
Anatomy Oct 2014   
Anatomy supplementary July 2014
Anatomy Oct 2013
Anatomy supplementary July 2015
Anatomy Sep 2012
Anatomy May 2013

Pharmacology Supplementary June 2015
Pharmacology July 2014
Pharmacology October 2013
Pharmacology September 2012

Microbiology  April 2012
Microbiology Sept 2012
Microbiology May 2013
Microbiology Oct 2013
Microbiology Oct 2014    
Microbiology May 2014
Microbiology supplementary July 2014
Microbiology April 2015
Microbiology Nov 2015
Microbiology May 2016

Psychology Sep 2012
Psychology May 2013
Psychology Oct 2013
Psychology May 2014
Psychology supplementary July 2014  
Psychology Oct 2014 
Psychology supplementary July 2015
Psychology April 2016
Psychology Nov 2015

Sociology September 2012
Sociology May 2013  
Sociology Oct 2014            
Sociology supplementary July 2014
Sociology supplementary July 2015       
Sociology Oct 2013

Community Health Nursing
Community Health Nursing June 2015
Community Health Nursing supplementary July 2014
Community Health Nursing October 2013
Community Health Nursing September 2012
Community Health Nursing II Sep 2014
Community Health Nursing II June 2015

Nursing  Foundations
Nursing Foundations Sep 2012
Nursing Foundations May 2013
Nursing Foundations Oct 2013
Nursing Foundations supplementary July 2014
Nursing Foundations Oct 2014
Medical Surgical Nursing May 2014
Nursing Foundations August 2011
Nursing Foundations April 2012
Nursing Foundations April 2015
Nursing Foundations  Nov 2015
Nursing Foundations May2014

Nursing Education
Nursing Education Sep 2014
Nursing Education June 2015
Nursing Foundations August 2011

Medical Nursing including Pathology

Medical Nursing Including Pathology Oct 2014
Medical Nursing Including Pathology June 2015
Medical Nursing including Pathology supplementary July 2014
Medical Nursing Including Pathology October 2013
Medical Surgical Nursing Including Pathology Sep 2012
Medical Surgical Nursing including Geriatirics June 2015
Medical Surgical Nursing (Adult Including Geriatrics - II) Oct 2014
Medical Surgical Nursing (Adult including Geriatrics-II March 2014
Medical Surgical Nursing (Adult including Geriatrics) - II Oct 2013
Medical Surgical Nursing May 2014
Medical Surgical Nursing May 2016
Medical Surgical Nursing Nov 2015
Medical Surgical Nursing April 2015

Surgical Nursing
Surgical Nursing July 2014
Surgical Nursing Oct 2014
Surgical Nursing October 2013
Surgical Nursing September 2012
Surgical Nursing June 2015

Child Health Nursing

Child Health Nursing Oct 2013
Child Health Nursing Oct 2013
Child Health Nursing Oct 2014
Child Health Nursing March 2014
Child Health Nursing April 2015
Child Health Nursing June 2015
Child Health Nursing Nov 2015

Child Health Nursing April 2016
Child Health Nursing May 2014

Mental Health Nursing
Mental Health Nursing June 2015
Mental Health Nursing Oct 2014
Mental Health Nursing March 2014
Mental Health Nursing Oct 2013

Nursing Research and Statistics
Nursing Research and statistics
Nursing Research and Statistics Oct 2014
Nursing Research and statistics Oct 2013
Nursing Research and statistics Oct 2013

Obstetrical and Gynecological Nursing
Obstetrical and Gynecological Nursing Sep 2014
Obstetrical and Gynecological nursing june 2015

Management of Nursing Service and Education
Management of Nursing Service and Education Sep 2014
Management of Nursing Service and Education June 2015

Maternal Nursing
Maternal Nursing May 2014
Maternal Nursing Nov 2015
Maternal Nursing April 2015

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