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Q.P. CODE: 303010                                                                                                                                        Reg. No: …...
Third Year B.Sc Nursing Degree Examinations

October 2014
Mental Health Nursing

Time: 3 Hrs                                                                                                                                                        Max. Marks: 75

Answer all questions
Draw diagram wherever necessary

Essays (2×15=30)
1. Define defence mechanism. Explain the psychopathology of depression. Describe the clinical features of depression. Prepare a psycho education plan for patients on antidepressants. (2+3+5+5)
2. Define detoxification. Describe the signs and symptoms of alcohol dependence. Discuss the nursing management of a patient with alcohol dependence syndrome. (2+5+8)

Short Notes (5x5=25)
3. Care of client with mild mental retardation.
4. Parent teaching on conduct disorders.
5. Clinical manifestation of phobia.
6. Nurse’s special considerations for patient receiving lithium.
7. Types of delusions

Give reasons for the following (5x2=10)
8. Both male and female elderly people can be victims of neglect and abuse
9. Injection atropine should be given prior to electro convulsive therapy.
10. Periodic check on WBC is essential for patients on tablet clozapine.
11. Manic patients should be given finger foods.
12. Patient with neuroleptic malignant syndrome need emergency care.

Differentiate between (5x2=10)
13. Insight and Judgement
14. Anorexia and Bulimia nervosa.
15. Predisposing factors and Precipitating factors.
16. Superego and ego.
17. Social relationship and therapeutic relationship.

* * * * * * * * *