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QP CODE: 110011 Reg. No:…………………..
First Year Post Basic B.Sc Nursing Supplementary Examinations-May 2014
Time: 3 Hours Total Marks: 75
• Answer all questions
Essays ( about 300 words) (2x10=20)
1. Social networking sites- a bane or a boon.
2. Cigarette smoking- how to stop it.
Answer the following (2x5 =10)
3. What is a subject? Note the differences between a subject and a predicate.
4. Write a letter to the nursing superintendent to organize your placement for 3 weeks at
a hospital, as part of your course.
Do as directed (4x5=20)
5. Write a short essay on value of nurses notes.
6. Build up a conversation between a doctor and a patient.
7. Punctuate the following passage.
A young girl asked sania mirza what qualities helped you to become so great
thats simple said sania regular training confidence and determination these
qualities one should cultivate.
8. Construct a readable story from the following outline.
A king distressed- his people lazy- to teach them a lesson he had a big stone put in the
middle of the road one night- next day merchants pass and go round it- an officer did
the same- young soldier did the same- all cursed the stone and blamed the government
for not removing it- the king had the stone removed- under it was an iron box marked
“For the man who moves away the stone”- a purse full of money- the people were
Short notes (5x3=15)
9. How many types of sentences are there? Which are they?
10. Give the meaning of the words in pairs and make your own sentences.
• marry-merry
• human-humane
• idle-idol
11. Write a note on preparing a chart
12. Write a short note on school badminton tournament.
13. What are the main features of story-writing.
Do as directed (5x1=5)
14. The plane ______ (take) off at 3:30. The flight ______ (is) boring. We _____ (land) in
Delhi at 5:30.
15. Rama loves Sita (Change the voice)
16. Kavitha said, “I will visit my aunt tomorrow”. (Change the speech)
17. My brother is well….my sister is ill (Put the appropriate conjunction)
18. _________ he do the job (Put the appropriate modal auxiliary)
Correct the following sentences (5x1=5)
19. The novel was based in a real accident.
20. My life is beset difficulties.
21. I went to the cinema tonight.
22. Are he not well.
23. I reading David Copperfield.

OP CODE: 1810                                                                                                                                                          Reg.No.:........

August 2011
Nursing Foundations

Time: 3 Hours                                                                                                                                       Total Marks: 100
Answer All Questions

Essay: (2x10:20)
1. Define pressure ulcer. Write the common sites of pressure ulcer. Describe Nursing care of pressure ulcer. (2+2+6=10 )
2. List the different routes of medication administration . Describe the principles followed during administration of medications. (2+8=10)

Write short notes on:        (10x5=50)
3. Qualities of a nurse
4. Interpersonal relationship
5. Evaluation in nursing process
6. Code of ethics
7. Types of position and its purpose
8. Barriers of communication
9. Care of patient with immobiiity.
10. Nosocomial infection
11. Rehabilitation process
12. Sitz bath.

Differentiate between the following:         (5x3=i 5)
13.Medical asepsis and surgical asepsis
14. Nursing diagnosis and medical diagnosis.
15. Palpation and Percussion
16. Bradycardia andTachycardia
17. Retention and incontinence

List down the following:
18. Types of Oxygen administration
19. Principles of back care
20. Types of medication error
21. Characteristics of pulse
22. Factors affecting nutritional needs.

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