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First Year B.Sc Nursing Degree Examinations
October 2013
Time: 3 Hours                                                                                                                                                    Maximum Marks: 75

Answer all questions
Write section A and section B in separate answer books.
Do not mix up questions from section A and section B.

Section A – Nutrition
Q P Code: 104010    Marks 50

Essay (10)
1. “Explain the sources, daily requirement, absorption and storage,functions and deficiency of vitamin A. (1+1+2+3+3=10)

Short notes (5x5=25)
2. Factors affecting food and nutrition.
3. Protein energy malnutrition
4. Causes and prevention of obesity
5. Prepare a day’s menu for a pregnant woman.
6. Daily requirement and functions of fibre
Answer Briefly (5x3=15)
7. Body mass index
8. Diet for a diabetic individual
9. Functions of water
10.Food standards
11.Role of nurse in IDD program.

Q P Code: Section B – Biochemistry
QP Code : 105010    Marks 25

Essay  (Marks:10)
1. Mention the normal fasting blood sugar level. How is the blood sugar regulated.

Short notes (5x2=10)
2. Digestion and absorption of lipids
3. Sources and deficiency manifestations of vitamin B6
Define the following (5x1=5)
4. Normal serum values of HDL and LDL
5. Alkaptonuria
6. Mini GTT
7. One enzyme indicating hepatocellular damage
8. Metabolic acidosis