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[LE 1014]                     FEBRUARY 2014                     Sub. Code: 4705
(New Regulations for the candidates admitted from 2006-07 onwards)
First Year
Q.P. Code : 664705
Time : Three hours                                                                                                                           Maximum : 75 marks

I. Elaborate on: (2x15=30)
1. Define and classify sterilisation. Describe the various methods of moist
heat sterilisation.
2. Describe the mode of transmission, prevention and laboratory diagnosis of
Human Immuno Deficiency virus.

II. Write Notes on: (5x5=25)
1. Contributions of Robert Koch.
2. Hydatid disease.
3. Anaphylaxis.
4. Describe the laboratory diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis.
5. Differential staining technique.

III. Short Answer Questions: (10x2=20)
1. What is an anaerobic medium? Give example.
2. Name two toxins produced by Staphylococcus.
3. Define pulse polio immunisation.
4. Enumerate dermatophytes.
5. Define Immunity.
6. What is ELISA?
7. Name two opportunistic fungi.
8. Mention four species of plasmodia causing malaria
9. What is candidiasis?
10. Define nosocomial infection.