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[LK 1012]                                                                                             Sub. Code: 4703
(New Regulations for the candidates admitted from 2006-07 onwards)

August 2007
PAPER III Nursing Foundation

Q.P. Code : 664703
Time : Three hours                                                                                  Maximum : 75 Marks

I. Write Essay on: (2 x 15 = 30)
1. Miss A is suffering from hyperpyrexia, generalized malaise, headache, her face is flushed, skin is warm and dry and she is unable to meet her daily activities.
  1. Define Hyperpyrexia
  2. List and explain the types of fever
  3. Draw a nursing care plan for Miss.A using nursing approach

  1. Define Ethics
  2. List Ethical Principles
  3. Discuss Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct for nurses

Write Short notes:
  1. Principles of body mechanics
  2. Qualities and functions of a nurse
  3. Methods of physical assessment
  4. Nurses responsibilities in caring for an unconscious patient
  5. Levels of illness prevention
  6. Roy's adaptation theory