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[LK 1012]                                                                                             Sub. Code: 4703
(New Regulations for the candidates admitted from 2006-07 onwards)

February 2008
PAPER III Nursing Foundation

Q.P. Code : 664703
Time : Three hours                                                                                  Maximum : 75 Marks

I. Write Essay on: (2 x 15 = 30)
1. Mrs.M, 40 yrs old teacher is admitted in the medical ward with dyspnea. She is receiving oxygen inhalation 4L/mt.
  1. List the principles related to oxygen administration
  2. Explain the methods of oxygen administration and nursing responsibilities.
  3. Discuss the complications of oxygen administration.

2. Mr.G, a 45 year old business man, admitted in the orthopedic ward with fracture femur. He is posted for surgery.
  1. Explain the preoperative preparation.
  2. Draw out a nursing care plan for him to give care for 24 hrs.
  3. Discuss the process of rehabilitation

Write Short notes:
  1. Medical and surgical asepsis
  2. Nursing process
  3. First aid in acid poisoning
  4. nealth education
  5. Comfort devices
  6. Bowel wash