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[LE 1012]                                                                                                                                                    Sub. Code: 4703
(New Regulations for the candidates admitted from 2006-07 onwards)
First Year

February 2014

Q.P. Code : 664703
Time : Three hours                                                                                                                     Maximum : 75 marks

I. Essays: (2x15=30)
1. Mrs. A, 30 year old female is admitted in the medical ward with fever.
a) Define pyrexia.
b) Explain the causes of fever and stages of pyrexia.
c) Describe the nursing care of Mrs. A with fever

2. a) List the principles related to oxygen administration.
    b) Explain the methods of oxygen administration and nursing responsibilities.
    c) Discuss the complications of oxygen administration

II. Write Notes on: (5x5=25)
1. Principles of body mechanics.
2. Levels of disease prevention.
3. Therapeutic communication.
4. Wound healing process.
5. Roy’s adaptation model.

III. Short Answer Questions: (10x2=20)
1. List four types of bandages.
2. Define rigor mortis.
3. List down methods to control bleeding.
4. Mention four legal issues in advance directives.
5. List four complementary therapies.
6. List four causes of pressure sore.
7. Define cross infection.
8. List the types of hospital waste.
9. Two purposes of sitz bath.
10.List four principles of specimen collection.

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