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University Degree Examination Question papers on Pharmacology

      Pharmacology MCQs 1.ppt       Pharmacology git MCQs 3.ppt        Pharmacology pediatric MCQ 5.ppt        Pharmacology endocrine MCQs 4.ppt        Pharmacology onco MCQs 6.ppt        Pharmacology - musculoskeletal medications MCQs .pptx        Pharmacology - Psychiatric Medications MCQs .pptx      Pharmacology cvs MCQs 2.ppt         NCLEX Pharmacology Quiz 2.ppt        NCLEX  Pharmacology Quiz 3.ppt       NCLEX Pharmacology Quiz 4.ppt        NCLEX  Pharmacology Quiz on Anesthetic & Narcotic Drugs.ppt    Pharmacology - Cardiovascular drugs I NCLEX MCQs .ppt     NCLEX Pharmacology Quiz on Cardiovascular Drugs II PPT            NCLEX  Pharmacology Quiz on Respiratory & Gastrointestinal Drugs.ppt       NCLEX  Pharmacology Quiz on Hormonal and Reproductive Drugs .ppt       

Bronchodilators    Heparin    Doxycycline    Penicillins    Mebendazole    Muscle Relaxants   Ciprofloxacin - Fluoroquinolones   Rifampicin    Liquid paraffin   Pethidine    Metronidazole     Drug Dependence    Hydrogen Peroxide    Drugs used in thyrotoxicosis (anti-thyroid drugs)     Calcium Channel Blockers    Lasix/Furosemide/Frusemid   Aminoglycosides  Bronchodilators    Antihypertensives    Antiepileptics   Atropine - Anticholinergics      MCQs on Antibiotics - 1     pharmacology MCQ 1

Instructions about how to use the powerpoints (ppt)
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