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Functions of Saliva


Describe the function of saliva 

Functions of Saliva
1. It keeps the mouth moist and helps speech
2. Helps in the mastication food and preparation of bolus suitable for swallowing.
3. Lubricates the mouth and helps the movement of food during mastication .
4. Cools the hot and irritant substances
5. Washes down the food debris and prevents  the growth of bacteria.
6.Digests maltose into glucose by enzyme ptyaline .
7. Excretes urea ,mercury, lead , arsenic, bismuth,drugs  like penicillin morphine iodine , alcohol , thiocyanate and viruses like polio and mumps.
8. Helps in the perception of the taste sensation .
9. Maintains  water balance of the body by thirst .
10. Acts as a buffer and maintains the pH of saliva .
11. Kills the bacteria by dissolving  the wall of the bacteria .

Short Answers

The primary taste sensations
  1. sweet
  2. sour
  3. salt
  4. Bitter .

Hormones of placenta
The placenta secretes the following hormones 

1.Human chorionic gonato trophic harmone.
2. Human chorionic somato trophic harmone.
3. Placental oestrogen
4. Placental progesterone
5. Prolactin  and
6. Relaxin

What are the functions of  insulin
Insulin regulates metabolism of carbohydrates ,proteins and facts .
Reduces blood glucose level .
Increases utilization of glucose by the cells .
Increases glycogenesis .
Reduces gluconeogenesis .
Synthesis and storage of protein .
Reduces protein catabolism.
Increases synthesis of fat and its storage.

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