Neuro muscular junction and the mechanism of nerve impulse across it   
Reflex Arc  
Referred Pain   
Two parts of the brain 
Cerebrospinal Fluid  
Mechanism of Respiration 

Cardiac Cycle


Coagulation Factors     
Coagulation of Blood 
Blood Grouping  
Blood and Blood Components 
Blood Transfusion
FAQ on Blood Transfusion    
Arterial Blood Pressure  
Artificial Respiration  
Respiratory Center   
Structure and Functions of Nephron  
Glomerular Filtration Rate

Contents and functions of middle ear  

Primary tastes  
Functions of Saliva
Parts of GIT and their functions  
Gastric Juice
Functions of Insulin,     

Special Senses and Receptors 

Endocrine glands and hormones  
Posterior Pituitary Hormones    
Anterior pituitary hormones     
Mitosis and Meiosis  
Placental Hormones  
Menstrual Cycle       
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