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Mention the actions of Testosterone

ANDROGEN  (Testosterone)
Androgens are substances having masculinizing properties
Androgens are C-14 sterol compounds
Secreted by interstitial cells of testis
A trace is secreted by adrenal cortex

Functions of testosterone
1.    It promotes the development of accessory male sex organs such as seminal vesicle, prostate, epididymis, vas deferens and penis
2.    It promotes the development of male secondary sex characteristics
3.    It promotes the spermatogenesis
4.    It romotes sex libido and sex potentials
5.    It promotes muscular development
6.    It promotes the synthesis of protein by passing aminoacids into  the cells
7.    It promotes the bone growth by increased deposition of calcium salts and formation of bone matrix
8.    It increases the basal  metabolic rate
9.    It causes retention of Na, K, Ca, P, H2O
10.    It promotesthe synthesis of RNA