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Nursing in Neurological Disorders
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Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka
Second Year B.Sc. (Nursing) (Basic) Degree Examination -October 2006
Time: Three Hours Max Marks: 80 Marks
(Revised Scheme) QP Code: 1687
Your answers should be specfic to the Questions asked.
Draw neat labeled diagrams whenever necessary.

LONG ESSAYS: (Any Two) 2 X 10 = 20 MARKS
1. a) Define growth and development.
    b) Discuss the factors infuencing growth and development.

2. Discuss the Neuro Muscular Endowment of the New Born.

3. Enumerate the common behaviour problems of children.

SHORT ESSAYS: (Any Eight) 8 X 5 = 40
4. Sex education.
5. Intellectual development of pre schooler.
6. Psychological changes during old age and their management.
7. Anthropometric measurement.
8. Night blindness.
9. Plarming diet for old age.
10. Sources, requirement and defciency of Fat.
11. Pregnancy Test.
12. Age wise selection of toys.
13. Concept of baby friendly hospital initiative.

14. Small for date.
15. DPT.
16. Micro Nutrients.
17. EGG Flip.
18. Identity vs. Role Diffusion.
19. Nail biting.
20. Enuresis.
21. Classification of Neonates, according to birth weight.
22. Chorionic villi.
23. Positive signs of Pregnancy.
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