Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka
First Year B.Sc. (Nursing) (Basic)
Degree Examination- April 2008

(Revised Scheme)
QP Code - 1676

Your answer shall be specific to the question asked
Draw neat and labelled diagrams wherever necessary.

Long Essay (Answer any TWO)

  1. Describe the parts of the brain stem
  2. Describe the duodenum
    3.   Describe the female reproductive system

Short Essay (Answer any Eight)
  1. Histology of vas deferens
  2. List the derivatives of endoderm
  3. Endoplasmic reticulum
  4. Transcription of DNA
  5. Mitosis
  6. Draw and label the skin
  7. Osteoporosis
  8. Describe the types of skeletal muscle fibrils

Short Answers
  1. List the parts of a nephron
  2. Give the dunction of the gall bladder
  3. Name the broncho pulmonary segments
  4. Define genotype and phenotype
  5. centriole
  6. Name an two muscles of mastication
  7. Killer T cells
  8. Branches of the right coronary artery
  9. Neuralgia
  10. Name the ear Ossicles

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