Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka
Second Year B.Sc. (Nursing) (Basic)
Degree Examination- January 2007

Medical and Surgical Nursing - 1
(Old Scheme)
QP Code - 1661

Your answer shall be specific to the question asked
Draw neat and labelled diagrams wherever necessary.

Long Essy (Answer any two)                                                           2 x 10 = 20
  1. Mr.Sundar 45 yrs admitted with cirrhosis of liver
          a) Write clinical manifestations of cirrhosis  of liver.
          b) Explain nursing management based on nursing process approach

  1. a) Define Diabetes Mellitus
          b) Describe clinical features of Hyperglycemia
         c)  Discuss the  nursing management using nursing process.

    3. a) Define peptic ulcer
        b) Explain pathophysiology of peptic ulcer.
        c)  Discuss drug and diet therapy in peptic ulcer.

Short Essay (Answer any Eight)
  1. Fluid therapy in burns
  2. Pemphigus
  3. Dumping syndrome
  4. Cause, spread and prevention of typhoid
  5. Care of the patient before and after Endoscopy
  6. Diet for a patient with Nephrotic syndrome
  7. Patho physiology of Hypertenson
  8. Health education for a patient with Rheumatoid Arthritis
  9. Anaemia
  10. Surgical approaches in BPH

Short Answers:                                                                                                                10 x  = 20
  1. Treatment of ulcerative colitis
  2. Types of Hernia
  3. Complications of Appendicitis
  4. Meckel's diverticulum
  5. Food poisonng
  6. Care of plaster cast
  7. Gout
  8. Talipes equinovarus
  9. Psoriasis
  10. Osteoporosis.

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