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Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka
First Year B.Sc. (Nursing)
Degree Examination- August 2013


Q.P. Codes 1677

(Note : Both QP Codes 1677  and 1678 are to be answered within total of 3 hours)

Q.P. Code 1754 - Physiology    (40 Marks)

Your answer shall be specific to the question asked
Draw neat and labelled diagrams wherever necessary.

Long Essay (Answer any one)                                     1 x 10 = 10 Marks
  1. Describe the stages of erythropoiesis. How is it regulated?
  2. Name the hormones secreted by the anterior pituitary. Describe the functions of growth hormone.

Short Essays (Answer any four)                                 4 x 5 = 20 Marks
  1. How is carbon-di-oxide transported in blood? State Bohr's effect
  2. Describe the functions of Testosterone
  3. Describe the temporary family planning methods in female
  4. Define and give normal values of a) Vital capacity b) Residual volume
  5. Describe the composition and functions of lymph

Short Answers                                                            5 x 2 = 10 Marks
  1. Draw and label ECG
  2. Myopia
  3. Define stroke volume. Give normal values
  4. Name four hormones increasing blood glucose
  5. Name four ascending tracts

Q.P. Code : 1678 - Section B - Biochemistry    (40 Marks)
Use separate answer book

Long Essay (Answer any one)                                                1 x 10 = 10 Marks

  1. Describe the steps involved in the synthesis and utilization of ketone bodies. Add a note on ketosis
  2. Describe the sources,  RDA, functions and deficiency manifestations of Vitamin A.

Short Essays (Answer any four)                                            4 x 5 = 20 Marks                                           

  1. Role of kidney in acid base balance
  2. Biologically important compounds formed from Glycine
  3. Diagnostically important serum enzymes
  4. Significance of HMP pathway
  5. BMR and factors affecting BMR

Short answers                                                                          5 x 2 = 10 Marks                                                                                       
  1. Heat coagulation test
  2. Hperglycemia
  3. Pellagra
  4. Lactose intolerance
  5. Dietary fibre

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