Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka
First Year B.Sc. (Nursing)
Degree Examination- March / April 2008

Physiology & Biochemistry
Q.P. Codes 1677  and 1678
Revised Scheme

(Note : Both QP Codes 1677  and 1678 are to be answered within total of 3 hours)

Q.P. Code 1677 - Section A - Physiology    (40 Marks)

Your answer shall be specific to the question asked
Draw neat and labelled diagrams wherever necessary.

Long Essay (Answer any one)

  1. Explain intrinsic and extrinsic mechanism of blood clotting
  2. Draw a neat diagram of Neuromuscular junction and label its parts and explain the mechanism of transmission of  nerve impulse across it

Short Essays (Answer any three)
  1. Mention the names of endocrine glands present in the  body and the  hormones secreted by them
  2. Mention the different types of special senses present in the body and the receptors that detect them
  3. What are the different functions of the kidney and draw a neat diagram of nephron  and label its parts
  4. Mention the functions of  saliva
  5. Mention the actions of testosterone

Short Answers
  1. Mention any four family planning methods
  2. Define cardiac putput and what is the normal cardiac output
  3. Name the muscles of inspiration
  4. Mention any two parts of the brain and its functions
  5. What is mitosis and meiosis ? Where does it take place ?

Q.P. Code : 1678 - Section B - Biochemistry    (40 Marks)
Use separate answer book

Long Essay (Answer any one)

  1. Enumerate the ketone bodies.  How are they formed ? Give the causes for ketosis
  2. Describe the formation & fate of  lactic acid in the body
Short Essays (Answer any four)
  1. Outline the importance of the amino acid - Glutamic acid
  2. What are plasma proteins ? Give their functions
  3. Biochemical role of thamine
  4. Role of Kidney in acid base balance
  5. Metabolic acidosis

Short answers
  1. Clinical utility of the enzymes alkaline phosphatase & acid phosphatase
  2. Night blindness - causes and prevention
  3. Name two antioxidants
  4. Coenzyme forms of pantothenic acid and riboflavin
  5. Protein energy malnutrition

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