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Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka
First Year B.Sc. (Nursing) (Basic)
Degree Examination- September - October 2008
Old Scheme

Physiology & Biochemistry
Q.P. Codes 1652  and 1653

(Note : Both QP Codes 1677  and 1678 are to be answered within total of 3 hours)
Use separate answer books for Section A and Section B

Q.P. Code 1652 - Section A - Physiology    (40 Marks)

Your answer shall be specific to the question asked
Draw neat and labelled diagrams wherever necessary.

Long Essay (Answer any one)

  1. Describe erythropoiesis.  What are the factors affecting erythropoiesis?
  2. Describe the composition and functions of saliva

Short Essays (Answer any Four)
  1. Describe the classical ABO blood groups
  2. Explain the functions of  Aldosterone
  3. List the hormonal comtraceptives for female and give the mechanism of action.
  4. Explain the functions of large intestine
  5. List the different lung volumes with their normal values and significance

Short Answers
  1. Explain the errors of refraction of eye
  2. List the functions of cerebellum
  3. What are the functions of platelets?
  4. Classify reflexes by giving examples in each type
  5. Define vital capacity. Give the normal value and factors affecting vitall capacity.

Q.P. Code : 1653 - Section B - Biochemistry    (40 Marks)
Use separate answer book                                                                                       1 x 10 = 10 Marks        

Long Essay (Answer any one)
  1. Give an account of the dietary sources, activation, biochemical functions, daily requirement and deficiency manifestations of vitamin D.
  2. Describe the metabolism  of Glycogen.

Short Essays (Answer any four)
  1. Van Den Bergh reaction and its significance
  2. Role of insulin
  3. Digestion and absorption of carbohydrates
  4. Functions of phospholipids
  5. Structure of DNA

Short answers
  1. Disaccharides
  2. Biuret test
  3. Free and total acid of gastric juice
  4. Name two aromatic aminoacids and two alliphatic amino acids
  5. Renal  glycosuria

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