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Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka
First Year B.Sc. Degree Examination- Oct 2006

General Psychology and Educational Psychology
(Revised Scheme )
QP Code - 1758
Time : Three Hours                                                                                                                        Max.Marks : 80

Your answer shall be specific to the question asked
Draw neat and labelled diagrams wherever necessary.

Long Essy (Answer any two)                                                            2 x 10 = 20
Elucidate factors influencing the development of personality and its characteristics
Discuss the laws of Learning. Explain the role of motivation & Anxiety on Learning process.
    3. Define Emotion. Describe various theories & states of Emotion

Short Essays: (Any eight)                                                                                        8  x 5 = 40
Personality traits & an ideal Nurse
Factors influencing Perception
Explain the purpose of Evaluation
Explain the factors influencing Memory
Define frustration & its sources
Role of Nurse in changAttitude
What are the types of Memory? How can memory  be improved?
Describe the factors that control and direct attention
Explain the role of Emotion in Health  and Sickness
Factors influencing the development of attributes

Shortr Answers:                                                                                                                10 x 2  = 20
Conflict in Motives
Maternal drive
Define comcepts
Insightful Learning
Interview method