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Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka
First Year B.Sc.(Nursing Basic)
Degree Examination- March 2009 (Revised Scheme)

QP Code - 1680
Time : Three Hours                                                                                                                        Max.Marks : 80

Your answer shall be specific to the question asked
Draw neat and labelled diagrams wherever necessary.

Long Essy (Answer any two)                                                            2 x 10 = 20
Define psychology. Explain its nature and scope with reference to nursing
Discuss endocrine system and its influence on  development of behaviour.
    3.   Every individual is unique. How do  you explain these individual differences among people?

Short Essays: (Answer any eight)                                                                                        8  x 5 = 40
Describe merits and demerits of experimental  method
Discuss twin and family studies in relation to development of behaviour
What are the  characteristics of emotions?
Discuss Maslow' sel-actualization theory
Explain factors influencing perception
Discuss Freud's theory of psycho--sexual development
Explain trial and error learning
Roe of incentives and rewards in teaching
What is forgetting? how can it be minimized?
What is problem solving? What is the role of mental set in problem solving?

Short Answers:                                                                                                                10 x 2  = 20
Emotions and  health
Division of attention
Meaning of perception
Types of emotions
Insightful  learning
Extinction and spontaneous  recovery
Types of reasoinig
Steps of evaluation