The Pancreas

Pancreas is an endocrine and exocrine gland
Situated within the C loop of the duodenum
Exocrine part of the gland drains into the duodenum and the endocrine part of it is concerned with the metabolism of carbohydrates through the hormone insulin.

Head, body and tail
Head in the C curve of the duodenum
Body almost horizontal behind the stomach
Tail in front of the left kidney and reaches the spleen.
Behind the lesser sac

The exocrine part
Lobules - made of alveoli - secretory cells.- drained by tiny duct - tiny ducts unite to form pancreatic duct. 
Pancreatic duct opens into the duodenum at its midpoint.
Just before it opens into the duodenum joined by the common bile duct to form hepatico pancreatic duct 
Opens into the ampulla of Vater.
Controlled by sphincter of Oddi.

The endocrine part
Islet cells of Langerhans - a group of specialized cells distributed throughout the gland
No ducts
Hormones directly mix with blood
Secrete insulin and glucagon

Blood supply
Splenic artery from coeliac axis
Mesenteric arteries
Splenic vein   portal vein

Nerve supply
Parasympathetic from vagus  -  incrases the secretion
Sympathetic from coeliac ganglion. -  depresses the secretion

Appliec Anatomy
Pseudo pancreatic cyst
Pancreatitis - inflammation of the pancreas - acute pancreatitis - chronic pancreatitis
Cancer of the head of pancreas
Pancreatic calculi

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